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The 3 Ps: The Process from Performance to Profits

Process: Decide what your business is trying to accomplish, what the objectives are and create your custom Pyramid of Profit SuccessSM.

Performance: Without performance you don’t get from process to profits. The bridge between talent and success within any industry, with any level of employee, is always the effort and attitude that is provided for the purpose. This is created with motivation and understanding leading to empowerment.

Profits: The well-deserved result of your successful journey, not your purpose.

Most clients prefer monthly meetings for the first 3-6 months, then quarterly. After all, even elite professional athletes have coaches to guide them through dynamic conditions and challenging set backs, and celebrate their success.


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Our Game Plan is Your Pyramid of Profit SuccessSM

The Profit Coach process is based on fundamentals of business that allow for sustainable success. We work together to build a Pyramid of Profit SuccessSM model for your business identifying key metrics and areas for improvement.

Let's Team Up to Win Today

Step 1 – We meet to identify your business’ key drivers.

Step 2 - Profit Coach performs a business assessment and develops your financial model and Pyramid of Profit SuccessSM including:

  • specific targets;
  • yardsticks;
  • variables;
  • results and;
  • activities

Step 3 – We meet to refine the model and develop an action plan.

Step 4 - You launch your game plan and we provide coaching to you and your team as needed including performance motivation services.

These steps along your Pyramid of Profit SuccessSM are combined to improve performance, and allow for interactive “cause and effect” analysis to help you consider the impact of your decisions.

What is the Pyramid of Profit SuccessSM?

Basic Pyramid

“Your Pyramid identifies the What, Why and How of your business to improve execution, motivation and performance to achieve excellence.  When we gain understanding of the interrelationships, we can optimize profits and provide opportunity for the team and community.”

Pyramid of Success - Target


The Target defines the necessary revenue to support the overall cost of resources and Profits.

Pyramid of Success - Yardsticks


The measurements of WHAT needs to be accomplished with the Profit Formula. The primary Profit Formula consists of the following:

{A} Quantity

{B} $ per average transaction (Revenue or Gross Margin $)

Pyramid of Success - Variables


These are all of the specifics related to the transactions

Examples include:

  • Pricing
  • Sales Mix
  • Product or Service Mix
  • Rate of Sales
  • Rate of Attrition or Loss
Pyramid of Success - Results


Are built and require a network of clients and people in order to support the necessary Targets and Scale of WHAT we need to do. The network and sales are created through connections

Pyramid of Success - Activity


The tasks accomplished by employees in order to create and build the network of clients and people.

Examples include:

  • Face to Face (f2f) sales
  • Prospecting
  • Email campaigns
  • Trade Shows
  • Networking

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