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“Bringing on a qualified independent and objective consultant adds the fresh perspective and momentum needed to drive many businesses to the next level of profitability. The more obstacles we have up front, the more opportunity I have to improve your situation as a member of your team, not just as a consultant.”
– Kirk Nelson, Head Profit Coach

“Financial analysis and management can be both empowering and motivating when it’s presented in a relevant and engaging manner.”
- PC


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No matter what industry, no matter how big or small your company, the concepts and fundamentals of operating a successful business are the same.  Although you and your business are unique, the game is essentially the same: achieve excellence with a defined process that allows the players to perform to the overall benefit of the team.

Operating a successful business involves:

  • Perspective: challenging the traditional perspective for improvement
  • Metrics: knowing what we need to do
  • Measurement: knowing how we are doing against our Metrics
  • Team performance: communicating and inspiring to get effort and attitude
  • Motivation: providing an environment where people want to achieve success and self satisfaction by doing their best

Profit Coach infuses creativity and a different perspective into your business model. 

Key Services


  • Coaching seminars and speaking engagements – sales, leadership and financial management
  • Webinars and workshops


  • Business planning and advisory services


  • Annual financial review and development of your pyramid


  • Performance tracking for sales, service and financial  – quarterly, monthly and/or bi-weekly
  • Review and development of strategies and actions to achieve improvement in performance and results


  • Motivational seminars to employees (PC Life)
  • Value added health and wellness services through strategic partnerships (PC Life)


Examine the Pyramid of Profit SuccessSM process and discover how it will work in your specific industry.

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